Public declaration “why I love my job”

I came across a Facebook page the other day that put a smile on my face. It was a public group entitled “WestJetters who love their jobs and are proud to say so.” It made me think about what kind of culture must exist at WestJet for such a page to exist publicly! Hear my […]

Drastic improvements comes with this…

This a simple “trick” that I have read about and applied numerous times in my life with great success. Are you curious how you can improve in any area? How to really get results that are meaningful to you? How do you improve on some of those “soft skills” like listening, better communication, gratitude? Listen […]

How to pre-empt a drive-by

I hope you had a chance to view last week’s video. If not you can view it here.  I talked about drive by communication – the style where you fly by someone’s desk/office/cubicle, spray your bullets of information and are off again. We think we are effective, we think we are saving time. We think […]

Not another drive by…

I’m not sure of this for certain…but I believe I’m coining the phrase “drive by communication.” What is drive by communication? Well….it comes from the concept of a drive by shooting, where someone literally drives by in a vehicle while blasting shots. (Don’t worry this isn’t going to get ugly!) I’ve taped a video to […]

Celebration time!

This post marks the 52nd blog/vlog….so you know what that means!!! I’m celebrating my one year blogging anniversary! I taped this video to share my gratitude with you. Thanks so much for your support this past year.

[JOB Vlog] Labouring on Labour Day weekend?

Happy Labour Day long weekend! I was curious about the roots of the Labour Day weekend and went google-ing. Have a listen here to see what I came up with:

Who do you surround yourself with?

I was recently interviewed about my start-up time in business and how I got into what I am doing now. It made me reflect on a very vulnerable time for me. You can hear my thoughts in the video below and what was a difference maker for me.

Do you know your values?

I was reading the Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner and learned something fascinating about the importance of knowing your own values (and the effect they have on the commitment to your organization). Listen here:

Are you like a robot?

I had an interesting call recently with the Canada Revenue Agency. It’s not what you think. I pay my taxes on time. Have a listen to see how I shocked the agent out of his robotic-like actions.

A Royal name?

I like many in the world was waiting with baited breath on the naming of the new Prince. Ok, let me be honest about that. It wasn’t like I was losing sleep…but I was concerned that during my week in Philly, I was going to miss the “big news” (including the birth announcement). I do […]