Bold self expression

I have been on an interesting journey the last few months, to really ponder the foundation and core of my business. Such a search would ultimately end up with me examining my own personal beliefs and goals. When I think about what it means to “Jump Outta Bed” every morning – it means living a […]

Workplace Culture Winning Mindset

A friend recently shared with me a powerful Ted Talk video by the founder of Malaysian based Mind Valley Mr. Vishan Lakhiani. It caught her eye because he used the words “jump out of bed” a few times in his speech. Needless to say with a keen focus on workplace culture, I was intrigued. He […]

How Olympic men’s hockey teaches us about corporate culture!

Did you get a chance to watch the Olympics? I sure did. I was immersed in watching as many events as I could. Of course, as a passionate Canadian I didn’t want to miss the men’s hockey tournament. While catching a few of these games, I did listen to the commentators sharing some insights into […]

Let the games begin!

I don’t know if you are like me, but I am thrilled that today is the official kick off to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. To me, the Olympic games embody the height of athleticism, international goodwill and fair play. It evokes patriotic feelings amongst an entire nation – and binds us closer together as […]

Are you running around like a chicken…

Flipping through Christmas baking magazines in preparation for my favourite time of year, I noticed many articles helping readers battle overwhelm at Christmas. Think about it, there is all these things to consider: presents to buy presents to wrap sweets to bake turkeys to thaw homes to decorate stockings to hang relatives to avoid, relatives […]

Happy Halloween!

I hope you are not sitting at your desk in a chocolate coma by now… It’s been a delight visiting various clients this week, seeing who is in the Halloween spirit and who is not. Did you know, in the US, the average kid receives 7,000 calories of candy in one night? Yikes! I’m curious, […]

Never trust a skinny chef

The world of sales offers us a great lesson on how to attract future employees. Listen below to find out the secret!

Public declaration “why I love my job”

I came across a Facebook page the other day that put a smile on my face. It was a public group entitled “WestJetters who love their jobs and are proud to say so.” It made me think about what kind of culture must exist at WestJet for such a page to exist publicly! Hear my […]

Drastic improvements comes with this…

This a simple “trick” that I have read about and applied numerous times in my life with great success. Are you curious how you can improve in any area? How to really get results that are meaningful to you? How do you improve on some of those “soft skills” like listening, better communication, gratitude? Listen […]

[JOB Vlog] Labouring on Labour Day weekend?

Happy Labour Day long weekend! I was curious about the roots of the Labour Day weekend and went google-ing. Have a listen here to see what I came up with: