Workplace Culture Winning Mindset

A friend recently shared with me a powerful Ted Talk video by the founder of Malaysian based Mind Valley Mr. Vishan Lakhiani. It caught her eye because he used the words “jump out of bed” a few times in his speech. Needless to say with a keen focus on workplace culture, I was intrigued. He […]

Just engage already..

I was recently listening to an interview with Scott Stratten, the brains behind Unmarketing. He was talking about the use of social media to engage customers. We tend to get all hyped up as to what engage means….and Scott in his direct manner said it is about talking to your customers. Engagement=talking Upon further thought, […]

A missed opportunity to connect

I recently returned from a business trip in Philadelphia. To say it was hot would be an understatement. There were “excessive heat” warnings. I’m talking 100 F. Much too hot for this gal! I had a less than stellar experience with an establishment whose tagline reads ‘hot eats, cool treats.’ Listen here for the whole […]

Create a winning environment!

We all want to be a part of a winning team, don’t we? I know I do! So how could you create a winning environment at work?

Take a page from Mr. Trump

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump shared an interesting quote about employee talent. Click on the video below to hear my thoughts!

A million dollar question…

When I ask this question of clients I often get a blank stare. It is one of the things I wish I would have spent more time thinking about during my time as an employee. You can find out that question here.

The first day on a job – boom or bust?

Think back to your first day on the job….how did it go? Were things planned for your arrival? Did you have a work station? a phone ready to go? a computer? The fancy “HR” term for welcoming and orientating new staff is ONBOARDING. A friend recently shared with me her new company’s program for onboarding. […]

What is being said behind your back…

I remember back to my days as an employee. My coworkers and I would often huddle around the “water cooler” and exchange shop talk. You know, the kind of talk that often ended up bad-mouthing our work environment or managers. It was destructive. It solved nothing and only left us feeling better momentarily. The sad […]

I see her overflowing with gratitude

Ever wonder how musicans and back-up singers stay so long with one performer? I watched a masterfully Celine Dion at work in Vegas a few weekends ago and learn a valuable lesson. Watch the video here: Celine Dion Master of Appreciation

Working 9 to 5…oh Dolly.

Working 9 to 5… Have you ever listened to the lyrics of this song? Here are some bold lines: “They got you where they want you” “They let you dream just to watch ’em shatter” “They just use your mind and they never give you credit” “Barely gettin’ by, it’s all takin and no givin” […]