Workplace Culture Winning Mindset

A friend recently shared with me a powerful Ted Talk video by the founder of Malaysian based Mind Valley Mr. Vishan Lakhiani. It caught her eye because he used the words “jump out of bed” a few times in his speech. Needless to say with a keen focus on workplace culture, I was intrigued. He […]

Do you know your values?

I was reading the Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner and learned something fascinating about the importance of knowing your own values (and the effect they have on the commitment to your organization). Listen here:

It takes courage to do this.

It takes courage to be remarkable! I recently gave a presentation to a group of not-for-profit organizations. The theme of the address was how, in my humble opinion, organizational culture is king. It is the secret sauce that attracts employees, donors and volunteers. It will be the thing that keeps employees endeared and encourage them […]

Meet Michael Port…how his Book Yourself Solid principles apply to you!

I caught up with New York Times bestselling author (of FIVE books!) Michael Port last month. In fact, I’m a member of his private small business coaching group. Michael is a no-nonsense guy who helps small businesses attract all the clients their hearts desire…even if they hate marketing and selling. I think his approach and […]

The first day on a job – boom or bust?

Think back to your first day on the job….how did it go? Were things planned for your arrival? Did you have a work station? a phone ready to go? a computer? The fancy “HR” term for welcoming and orientating new staff is ONBOARDING. A friend recently shared with me her new company’s program for onboarding. […]

What is being said behind your back…

I remember back to my days as an employee. My coworkers and I would often huddle around the “water cooler” and exchange shop talk. You know, the kind of talk that often ended up bad-mouthing our work environment or managers. It was destructive. It solved nothing and only left us feeling better momentarily. The sad […]

I see her overflowing with gratitude

Ever wonder how musicans and back-up singers stay so long with one performer? I watched a masterfully Celine Dion at work in Vegas a few weekends ago and learn a valuable lesson. Watch the video here: Celine Dion Master of Appreciation

What are your big 5?

I was recently listening to a friend’s recount of her African safari experience. She was telling me how prior to going, she was really hoping to see “Africa’s big 5.” Having never been on a safari before, I leaned in to enquire as to what that meant. Safari travellers will tell you that means: Rhino […]

Are you a remarkable employer?

I recently listened to an interview with the marketing master, Seth Godin. He was asked about his Purple Cow book and this idea of being remarkable. It made me think immediately of you. Remarkable, he noted, simply means people are compelled to make a remark based on what we are doing. When it comes to […]

One exercise you can do to build massive trust.

One of the most popular topics that comes up again and again is the fine art of building trust at work. So how is it that you can go about building trust with your co-workers? I recently witnessed a fantastic bold action by a client who decided to do just this. The topic became very […]