Coaching Services

Have you ever thought coaching is for you? Watch this video and find out!

Here’s what some of Pauline’s coaching clients have to say:

“A simple conversation with Pauline turned into a huge change in my work life and I feel more fulfilled. She helped me find out what it is I really wanted to do as a manager. With her, I had a chance to reflect on my leadership and also I found many blind spots that I didn’t realize. She is energetic, passionate, and she encourages.”
– EJ Yoon, Qualimet Metals and Welding Engineering Services

“When I started coaching I was new to my current position and was lacking confidence. I had not had very much time to reflect on my leadership style or even to how to lead people. We were going through some major changes as an agency and I was unaware of how to fit all the pieces together. What was my role, who was I as a leader, what values were driving my work? Pauline was able to help me determine the priorities and areas I wanted and needed to address through conversation and questioning. She was that safe person who was able to see things from a different perspective and offer insights I was unable to see. She was open and allowed me to discover the solutions in myself, rather than telling me what to do. She showed me many tools that I can use and always followed up quickly with things she said she would do. Whether it be forwarding a relevant article, checking in at regular days and times, or rescheduling an appointment if something came up. She was always the professional and yet made the atmosphere very comfortable and inviting. Each session flowed to the next, and she connected the sessions while moving forward to the next task at hand.

I have developed more confidence in my role. I have used many of the tools and processes we discussed during our time together, specifically around time management and organization. She helped me discover better and more meaningful ways to communicate with people. She taught me the importance of follow up and follow through. I enjoyed spending the time discovering my values and what is important to me as a leader and as a professional. She absolutely helped me do that and I appreciate the work we did together.”
– J. Konschuh, Youth Empowerment and Support Services