Are you running around like a chicken…

Flipping through Christmas baking magazines in preparation for my favourite time of year, I noticed many articles helping readers battle overwhelm at Christmas.

Think about it, there is all these things to consider:

  • presents to buy
  • presents to wrap
  • sweets to bake
  • turkeys to thaw
  • homes to decorate
  • stockings to hang
  • relatives to avoid, relatives to visit
  • tree to find/tree to dust off from storage
  • tree to decorate

The list can seem never-ending. These same magazines warn the reader that you do not have to be perfect at everything. Choose a specific area you want to rock for the holidays and focus on it.

As I was reading these articles, I thought this directly relates to building and living corporate cultures as well.

Let’s face it. The culture building lists are long too:

  • install foosball tables
  • work from home, work from Starbucks, work in the office
  • give flex projects 99% of the time, so the employee can map their own destiny
  • throw wild theme parties every Friday
  • beer in the boardroom each Thursday
  • welcome packages for new employees
  • culture tours for those who think you’ve nailed the above

The list of creating culture goes on and on too.

Here is the thing.

Just like Christmas – you need to focus on a few key areas and ROCK them. Perhaps you really want to ace the “on boarding” process – making a new employee’s experience with your organization a level 10 experience. Maybe you want to focus on accessibility to your executive/leadership team and so you focus on that.

Bottom line – don’t run around like a chicken with its head chopped off trying to perfect everything. Focus on a few key areas that really become the cornerstones of your workplace’s culture.

P.S. Chickens with heads chopped off tend to make us run screaming in the other direction!

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