Bold self expression

I have been on an interesting journey the last few months, to really ponder the foundation and core of my business. Such a search would ultimately end up with me examining my own personal beliefs and goals. When I think about what it means to “Jump Outta Bed” every morning – it means living a BOLD and exciting life. Blurring the lines between “work” and play and being fully self expressed at every moment.

I realized I wasn’t taking the best advantage of this in my communication to you. I felt pressure to be professional and very business-like, which often translated into being boring and stiffled. So I am taking a stand for bold self-expression! My business mentor and friend Michael Port often talks about this and the importance of it. Afterall, when one authentically expresses themselves, they have an easier time attracting like-minded friends, clients and partnerships.

Such an intergral part of knowing me is two things:

1) I’m a ferocious reader. I read on average a book and half a week (business and fiction)

2) I’m a world-travller.

Moving forward, I will share glimpses into both of these worlds exclusively¬†via my bi-monthly newsletter (to sign up go to and enter your information). Books and travel experiences play a big role in society’s culture, yet they also play a pivotal role in corporate culture.

To answer what 5 C’s Arizona is known for (from the newsletter), the results are:

  • Cattle
  • Citrus
  • Climate
  • Cotton
  • Cooper

How many did you accrurately guess?

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