Let the games begin!

I don’t know if you are like me, but I am thrilled that today is the official kick off to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. To me, the Olympic games embody the height of athleticism, international goodwill and fair play. It evokes patriotic feelings amongst an entire nation – and binds us closer together as human beings in the game of life.

Just as the Olympic games can bond people and bring them closer together, I believe your corporate culture can do just that. Here are a few ideas on how to leverage the Olympic spirit in your workplace for the following weeks:

1) Set up your own office Olympics – imagine the events – number of emails sent per minute, chair races in the boardroom, snowmen building competitions etc.

2) Have red and white apparel days (that is if you live in Canada or Switzerland of course)

3) For that men’s gold hockey game – throw an early morning pajama party and show it on the big screen!

4) Have your executive director/senior manager/CEO commit to a specific action for each gold medal your home country wins! (lunches with employees, an outfit they would have to wear for the day…)

In any case, I know if you are reading this post you are a creative and ingenious individual. I encourage you to find some wild and wacky ways to bring the spirit of the Olympic games into your office!

Share the photos here – stand loud and proud in the name of goodwill, fair play and fun!!

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