Workplace Culture Winning Mindset

A friend recently shared with me a powerful Ted Talk video by the founder of Malaysian based Mind Valley Mr. Vishan Lakhiani. It caught her eye because he used the words “jump out of bed” a few times in his speech. Needless to say with a keen focus on workplace culture, I was intrigued.

He said something stunning: “Seventy percent of our waking hours are spent at work. Why shouldn’t it be the happiest moments of our lives?” I swear a shiver ran up my spine. It was like the mission of Jump Outta Bed was taken from my mouth!

When I reflect on this statement, it is so true. As adults, we spend the vast majority of our waking time at work.

Over the course of our lives, we spend a lot of time and effort to:
– ensure we pick the right partner to spend our life with
– raise our children as healthy and happy individuals
– choose friends who make us feel good and with whom we enjoy spending time
– engage in free time activities that bring joy to our lives

So why shouldn’t we have this level of commitment to create workplaces that are an exciting and vibrant addition to our lives? Our time is all very valuable and therefore should be spent in workplaces that make us happy and give our life meaning!

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