Engagement Audit

Jump Outta Bed is 100 per cent committed to understanding your challenges before prescribing solutions.

My role is to bring meaningful and viable ideas to the table on how to address your core challenges.  I work with you to customize and implement them.  There is a shared onus, between Jump Outta Bed, you and your staff, to reach your goals.

It’s time to invest in meaningful communication with your staff.

Corporate engagement surveys are often considered a tool to check the pulse of an organization.  They can be a scary tool for both the organization and staff, especially when there are obvious symptoms suggesting a poor bill of health.

They can also be a scary diagnosis.  The corporate engagement survey can diagnose the strength of the organization’s pulse but can’t always diagnose the problem or prescribe the cure.

Jump Outta Bed replaces the corporate engagement survey with a holistic approach to the health of your organization.  I go beyond checking the pulse of organization; I speak to all your staff to get a comprehensive picture of your organization and the factors, positive and negative, affecting its health.

For each organization, I customize a framework to talk to your staff about engagement, work satisfaction, and attraction and retention.

You get a complete check-up and your staff get the message that they are valued and their opinions matter.  In my experience, staff find the open and moderated engagement dialogue presented by Jump Outta Bed substantially more meaningful than filling out the pages of a corporate engagement survey.

Details of the engagement audit:

  • I collect input from employees at all levels.  All of your team has an opportunity to share their experiences, and also to reflect on their role in building and sustaining a great workplace culture.
  • The audit yields more detailed results than the standard corporate engagement survey.  Your staff are invited to expand on their point of view and often offer feedback that is more challenging to capture using an electronic/paper survey tool.
  • There is a focus on open-ended questions.  Open ended questions are traditionally skipped over in corporate engagement surveys.  In a face-to-face conversation, staff generally give a lot of thought to answering the questions.  I am able to ask additional questions to clarify a response.

The engagement audit will provide you with:

  • Detailed experiential input from every one of your employees;
  • Feedback from all levels within your organization;
  • An external and unbiased view of your human capital;
  • A series of next-steps and alternatives to choose from that deal with your most pressing issues; and
  • An engagement benchmark to help measure your success going forward.

What you can expect from me:

  • I will make every effort to make this a safe and comfortable employee experience.
  • I will present the results to your leadership team, and then deliver a presentation to all staff.
  • I will help you prioritize the results of the engagement audit and create an action plan.
  • I will work with you for the full business cycle to implement and adjust the action plan.

Your results:

You can anticipate some significant shifts in organizational communication and your workplace feedback loop if we work together and follow through on the results.

In particular, look forward to staff who are a lot more excited to come forward and proactively contribute ideas and feedback.

To get more information and schedule your audit please contact me directly.