Supervisory Skills for Leaders in the Field

Enroll current leaders from the Field (safety, operations, foreman, superintendents etc) in the Supervisory Skills for Leaders in the Field.  This course targets leaders in the construction, manufacturing, forestry and mining industries.

The 3 full-day workshops will provide tools and skills to assist leaders in the journey from transitioning from buddy to boss and excellent results among their crews. The modules are:

1: DiSC – understanding your personality traits

2: Leading Up

3: Effective Delegation

4: Powerful communication

5: Giving & Receiving Feedback

6: Buddy to Boss Transition


The program is $880+GST/participant, which includes an Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment and two 30 minute follow-up coaching sessions (International Coaching Federation trained coach).

For customization of the program or if you have questions, please contact