“Jump Outta Bed offers multi-faceted strategies to help businesses deal with multi-faceted challenges. Over the past year, Pauline has developed connections with the staff at YESS, and has provided clear, insightful feedback to our management team. Pauline has a unique ability to gather meaningful information about what’s working and what’s not in an organization’s efforts in effective recruitment, employee engagement, and development of supervisors and staff. She cuts through the clutter of information to provide a clear understanding of staffing trends in an organization, complete with detailed strategies and timelines for resolving issues and encouraging development of a strong, committed culture.

Pauline is efficient, wise, and fun to work with – YESS has benefitted tremendously from her expertise during an exciting time of change in our organization, and will continue to draw on the services of Jump Outta Bed in our determined efforts to become a strong and versatile team, and an employer of choice.”

~Sue Keating, Associate Executive Director, Youth Empowerment & Support Services

From workshops Pauline has led, the participants eagerly share:

“These half day session spread out over time are the best form of team building that I’ve experienced.”

“I appreciated the face time with other people I don’t typically see day to day. It was great to learn from them and hear different views.”

“Pauline is an awesome facilitator who draws out comments and suggestions from the group, in a humorous and thoughtful way, for the benefit of all.”

“The time between modules was good for application and then review for the next class.”

“This is the only program I have ever dusted off the binder of material to revisit the content.”

“Pauline led the modules with enthusiasm and knowledge of course content. Information and informal approach was well received. Thanks.”

“Excellent instructor – one of the best. Kept things light and flowing but was still able to impart knowledge that will be very helpful in the workplace. Knows subject matter inside and out.”

“Pauline has a great sense of humour. She facilitated this workshop with warmth and built excellent rapport with us. She was well prepared, knowledgeable and stayed on task. The interactive components were great and I learned a few things.”

“Loved the interaction and role play; enjoyed the team activities; kept the class involved and awake at all times. Enjoyable [course] and well worth the time.”

“I enjoyed my instructor. She kept the day flowing covered all subject matter. I have taken loads of these types of courses through NAIT and private companies and this one is the best structured and led.”