About Jump Outta Bed

The beginnings & Founder, Pauline Perreault

Pauline Perreault is a high energy, straight-shooter corporate culture & leadership strategist. She has spent over a decade working with thousands of leaders, who want to be the kind of boss that the team actually enjoys working with. Let’s face it, this makes work is a whole lot more fun and productive. 

Jump Outta Bed all started when Pauline watched the leadership & culture slowly grinding down her colleagues.  Apathy was killing the workplace, and she saw an opportunity to intervene.  She got tired of watching colleagues rip pages out of “joke” retirement calendars…. “3,454 days to go!” . She didn't want to be a cog in the wheel of the corporate rat race. Thus, Jump Outta Bed was born. Pauline works with a group of consultants to develop leaders and culture.  

Committed to making Mondays less of a curse word, you can access workshops, facilitated sessions, coaching and assessment tools through Pauline & the team.  Her knowledgeable, relatable and playful style has benefited those in the construction, forestry, manufacturing and government sectors. It’s time to get those complaining sessions away from the water cooler and into meeting rooms, where we can understand the concerns and make improvements. 

Pauline Perreault, Photography Pedersen
Pauline Perreault, Photography Pedersen