High Performance Leadership

This is a series of 8 half-days, which focus on creating a fun and interactive environment. Presented in a way that makes the material engaging and memorable, participants are able to build on their skill sets with each consecutive module. 

How does a leader move their style from controlling and directing to one of coaching and empowering? How do leaders build trust, inspire their team and have excellent performance? 

Enroll your leaders in this engaging series:

Module 1: Principles of Leadership 

Module 2: Practices of Empowering Leaders 

Module 3: Fundamentals of High Performance Teams

Module 4: The Six Leadership Roles


Module 5: Role Development Plan

Module 6: Personal Productivity 

Module 7: Performance Expectations

Module 8: Empowering Others for Success 

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Great fit for both leaders newly promoted to a leadership position and those who could build on their skill set.